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Process. People. Product.

These three elements form the unique molecular makeup of TMG Gases.

They are our structure, influencing everything we do. They’re there when we help customers eliminate the hassles from buying gas. And they form the bond of our promise to help companies manage the complex infrastructure of gas supply.

Come and take a closer look.

See how our unique chemistry can benefit you.


Are you a supplier?

Are you a supplier?

Come and take a closer look. See how our unique chemistry can benefit you.


A Supply Chain Reaction

Business Analytics

It’s time to learn from the past. We perform a full diagnostic review of your gas needs, drilling deep into the volume, rate and administration of your supply chain. Most importantly, our technology continuously monitors your consumption, ensuring your costs are optimized for the long-term.

Not Your Father’s Gas Company

Unlike most gas companies, we're not limited to providing gases in only specific modes, quantities, or limited schedules. And, because we’re not confined by a cumbersome infrastructure, TMG can get you the gases you need, the ways you need them, when you need them.



How You Benefit

We know the gas business, but we’re not your father’s gas company. Instead of trucks, we’ve got technology. Instead of plants, we’ve got purpose. Throughout our history, we’ve focused on making life easier for buyers of gas. We’ve become experts at helping companies analyze their business to manage gas supply costs. We’ve honed down supply chain management until it’s as simple and easy to use as possible, and we’ve optimized our supply infrastructure in every market to ensure you only deal with the best.


Good People = Good Chemistry

Our Support Team

We’ll optimize the performance of your gas supply -- that’s our number one priority. But when it comes to managing a complex supply chain, sometimes nothing is more important than a voice at the end of a phone.

That’s why we’ve invested heavily in the most important element of all: Our people.

Our highly trained, highly educated staff is ready to help you make the most of all we can offer. Our core operations are in College Station, TX., but we’ve got people all over the country tasked with providing the best customer service in the gas industry. As a result, approval rating in customer service, which we check annually, is consistently above 95 percent.


Creative Leadership

Attuned to Your Needs

We’re a gas company. But we’re not about moving as much gas as possible.

Instead, we’ve decided to be a fluid gas company. We’re fluid because we’re ready to listen to what you need and use that feedback to make our processes, people and products ever better. You can’t be this adaptable without responsive leaders who understand and integrate every new advance in the gas industry.

Air Guage

Single Source

You Can Rely on Us

We may have found new ways of making the gas business work more effectively, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten our roots. At the end of the day, we’re all about supplying you with the best possible service. When we do that, while also making your life easier, we’re happy.

In Times of Stress: One Voice

One of the nightmares of dealing with gas supply can be managing deliveries from several disparate companies. With TMG, you just work with one source, so when you require assistance, or your needs suddenly change, we’re easy to contact and can get you everything you require as soon as you need it.